The Code of Ethics

“Personal integrity is key to ensuring exemplary collective behavior. It is a safeguard against any wrongdoing that could be harmful to the Group, to employees, to business relations or to any other external public or private operator.”

Gilles Gobin and Jacques Riou,
Rubis Group Managing General Partners Extract from the Code of Ethics

Operating its businesses responsibly and with integrity is a key issue for Rubis in terms of fulfilling its commitments and protecting its image, its reputation and its employees. The Group is built on values that have fashioned its culture and driven its success: integrity, respect for others, professionalism and trust are all principles that the Group aims to apply across all its activities to ensure its sustainability. Collective and individual commitment is key to adopting ethical behaviors in line with the Group’s values. Rubis has formalized an ethical framework for all the Group’s subsidiaries so that its rules of conduct are shared and respected by all.

This Code of Ethics lays down the values that Rubis considers fundamental.

In each of these fields, it sets out the general principles to be adhered to by employees in performing their duties. It is given to all new arrivals. Subsidiaries organize training sessions to explain its contents and to answer employee questions. The Compliance and CSR Department, within the Rubis Corporate Secretariat, is the point of contact for subsidiaries and employees when it comes to ethical issues.